The future of password management software

Password management has become a headache for many internet users. From workplace passwords to passwords for your e-commerce store, people have a hard time remembering all the keywords (and phrases) they used across different websites. This has led to the recycling of passwords, which is a major security threat. In fact, passwords have become a popular commodity that can be sold along with a user’s profile, email address, and much more on the dark web.

Password management software is a useful solution for helping people (and businesses) to remain secure online. These platforms enable users to manage all their passwords and access options from a single program. There are exciting future trends that will revolutionize how password management works in the upcoming years. Here are 4 of those future trends.

1. Use of SaaS for providing security solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an effective solution that allows businesses to access infrastructure on demand. This means that you can sign up only for the resources you need, without maintaining costly infrastructure in house.

SaaS is making its way into password management. When users put their data into SaaS password management platforms, this data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. Using cloud-based software for password management makes it easier for you to sync data across multiple devices. It also makes password storage and account access easier, regardless of the web browser or device you’re using.

Both people and businesses can expect SaaS password management platforms to become more common in upcoming years.

2. Multi-factor authentication will become the norm

While multifactor authentication is currently being used across various platforms, it will continue to rise in popularity over the years. Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security against password hacking. By requiring users to verify access from a separate device, hackers are unable to access your accounts by simply having your password.

Users can expect to see multi-factor authentication as an important feature in password management software. These platforms will be used to receive verification codes from multiple devices, or even from biometric authentications (such as fingerprints or facial scanning).

3. Emoji passwords

Another exciting future trend in password management software is the use of emojis as passcodes. Instead of using a limited combination of only 26 letters, 10 numbers, and several keyboard symbols, the concept of adding emojis into password management will add another level of combinations and personalization. Password management platforms will also be able to generate more complex passcodes that protect user data- while making things easier to remember.

4. Ability to use password management software for multiple functions

Password management software can be used for more than just securing and managing your passwords. In fact, new features are being added to make these platforms a one-stop shop for all your online needs. From free credit monitoring to creating multiple online identities, the unique features available through password management software continue to expand.

In upcoming years, you can expect to have access to auto-fill features for online shopping, technical support in case your online accounts are hacked, digital wallets for safe online spending, and much more.

In a nutshell, passwords are important for authenticating access to networks, databases, and software. To make passwords safer, password management systems are being used more often by people and businesses. The future trends highlighted here will help increase the safety and efficiency of password management, primarily because we will continue to rely on passwords for some time to come.

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