The Miniature Schnauzer – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Miniature Schnauzer originates from Germany and is believed to have been the result of crossbreeding of the standard Schnauzer, the Affenpinscher and possibly the Poodle. The name comes from the German word, Schnauze, which means muzzle. The breed was originally bred to kill rats and guard small herds of sheep and cows but has become a popular pet over time.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a small but sturdy dog. Its defining characteristic is its huge eyebrows, beard and moustache, which dominate its face. These are often trimmed. The dog has large eyes, which are oval in shape and V-shaped ears. The ears will fold towards the face if left to nature. However, where the law permits, the ears may be cropped and they will then stand upright. Similarly, the tail is traditionally docked which means it is surgically truncated. Both of these practices are illegal in an increasing number of countries. They also have distinctive feet, which are short and round and have thick pads. They have been likened to cat paws.

The Miniature Schnauzer came be found in several combinations of black and white and some may even appear silver. Like many breeds of dog, they have a double coat with a wiry topcoat covering a soft undercoat. As the coat is of medium length, it requires daily grooming or else it can easily become matted and knotted which can cause discomfort for the dog. In addition, this breed is usually clipped to a shorter and more even length twice per year. Normally this would occur in spring and autumn. They do not normally shed very much hair naturally.

This is an affectionate and friendly dog and they like children. They have plenty of energy and are playful and alert. This makes then a good choice of family pet. They do need to be handled firmly else they can be bold and sometimes aggressive towards other animals. Despite this, if properly socialised, they will co-habit happily with other pets. Again firm handling and control can prevent behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, nervous disposition, barking and a tendency to attack much bigger dogs.

Whilst usually friendly, the Miniature Schnauzer is very suspicious of strangers. Despite their small size, they make an excellent guard dog as they can act as a deterrent with much barking. They do not normally bark excessively without cause

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On the whole this is a healthy breed and their life expectancy is around 15 years. There are however a number of ailments that they are commonly prone to. Liver problems, kidney stones and diabetes can all be included in this list, as can cysts and skin disorders. Hereditary eye problems are another common ailment and breeding stock should be checked for this. Like many small dogs, overfeeding can easily escalate to obesity and the health problems that come with that. These dogs have plenty of energy and love to run free and off the lease. Daily exercise will help keep the Miniature Schnauzer in the best possible health.

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