The Writing Process

Writing any literary piece, whether it be a poem, a short story, or a novel, is a complicated thing. This is because of the effort one should extend in creating a literary piece. Not only that, but if one is new at being a poet, the more he will find it hard, especially in terms of composing his own piece. For this reason, certain processes are recommended for a poet to follow. This will certainly ease the task of being a writer or a poet in particular.

There are many things one should consider in being a writer. First and foremost is the place where he will work on his literary piece or a poem in particular. Next is the means through which he will write his piece, which may include the pen, paper, or notebook, whichever is the case. The time in which one writes a poem is also a thing that one should consider as a writing process.

In having the right writing process, a poet also considers how he prepares to write his piece, whether he has his trial and practise, or he just sits down and starts to write, or he meditates first. One’s writing practise, particularly that of a poet, also includes the method by which he writes. Also, the process of editing or revising one’s work is also a part of his writing process.

The various things practised by an individual to write his poem or any other literary pieces are just part of his writing process. Also, the process by which one writes a poem is the determining factor whether he will be a successful poet or writer.

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