Thoughts to Ponder on Alternative and Conventional Therapy

Conventional therapy is the commonly used medical treatment administered by doctors in treating their patients for diseases, injuries, and other conditions. Regarding cancer, such therapy includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and biological or hormonal therapies. However, some patients turn to alternative treatment when they realise or feel that conventional therapy is not working in their case. Alternative treatments include herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, yoga, meditation, naturopathy, acupuncture, and hypnosis. This may be a matter of personal choice, but experts in conventional medicine recommend conventional therapy. In any case, every therapy or treatment has potential side effects, be it alternative or conventional, and still needs proper assistance of healthcare practitioners.

Though alternative therapy is still in the midst of scientific review for efficacy, and still has to undergo legal screening by the organizations that are duly authorized to judge safety and efficacy, some therapists claim that conventional treatment is more toxic and damaging than alternative therapy. For instance, some cancer patients choose to switch to alternative therapy after undergoing painful conventional treatments, but this, perhaps, is the biggest mistake a cancer patient could ever make, for people can still consider taking the alternative remedy without abandoning conventional medical treatment. There are several alternative therapists who assert that alternative therapy can indeed cure cancer and who offer hope to patients. When fighting for one’s life and hoping for survival, one should always carefully consider what kind of treatment to use.

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