Three Mistakes Runners Make and How They Can Be Avoided

Marathon and long distance running are among the most popular fitness activities, worldwide. Running is a simple exercise that doesn’t cost very much, and can be done anywhere. However, running also comes with dangers. Running may be hard on the joints, particularly if one is overweight or untrained. It is also tough on the lower portion of the back and excessive mileage is not good for hormones, stress levels, fat loss and weight loss.

Long distance runners and marathoners make three common mistakes when organising or planning their training. The first mistake they make is not performing sufficient strength training. Undertaking a good programme for strength training with a sports performance expert or a personal trainer will help running become faster, more efficient and reduce the possibility of injury. In addition, glutes, hamstrings and the back needs to be strengthened to aid in posture, performance and injury resistance.

Another mistake runners make is not correcting past injuries or functional problems. Runners are apt to enjoy running, even while in pain. Hence, runners put on various kinds of wraps and guards. However, the guards don’t correct basic problems and the condition may take its toll on other body parts. Running while injured causes the overuse of other parts of the body which are likely to sustain injury as well. Therefore, it is important to see a good performance coach or personal trainer and physical therapist who know how to fix and diagnose movement problems.

The last mistake people make is neglecting good nutrition. People often employ running to burn calories. Oftentimes, these calories are derived from unhealthy sources, such as unhealthy fats or processed foods. Good nutrition is crucial to avoid mistakes while running.

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