Tips for Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is the result of the accumulation of sebum, more popularly known as grease, which is a natural secretion of the sebaceous glands in the scalp. This secretion is only normal, but too much sebum can make your hair look limp and greasy. Here are some helpful tips that you might want to consider if you have greasy hair.

Do not wash your hair everyday. Regular washing can stimulate the sebaceous glands resulting to excessive secretion of sebum. It can also lead to dry and brittle hair because the oil is removed from the hair. If that is the case, use a shampoo for oily hair and a conditioner for dry hair. Do not scratch your scalp too much; use the flat part of your fingers to gently massage it. Apply conditioner on the tips of the hair instead at the roots. If your hair and scalp are both greasy, avoid using a strong shampoo or conditioner. Wash your hair with a ph-balanced shampoo that is mild on the scalp.

Be cautious with your food intake. Excessive oil and fat in your diet are contributing factors to a greasy scalp. The most practical tip is to give your hair some rest. You can try using a baby shampoo because it is mild for oily and greasy hair.

The natural oil of the hair is actually good and healthy, but too much oil can result in limp and dirty-looking hair. You cannot control your sebaceous glands but you can control the accumulation of sebum. So, there is a solution for that greasy hair.

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