Tips for Mothers Once They Go Back to Work

Going back to work after maternity leave is quite a challenging task to do, especially for first-time and single mothers. It is frustrating and fulfilling to be a good mother and a good provider at the same time. It is something that mothers should prepare for and plan carefully.

Mothers should expect that it will mean multitasking both at home and at work, and it is something that is learned in the process. Getting organised with the things that must be done in a day will help divide the time needed for your baby, your partner and your work. Connection and open communication among family members will be of great help in keeping up with the child’s growth and development.

Getting a child-friendly caregiver will require careful decision making for working mothers because they will serve as a substitute mother for the child. Mothers should evaluate the person’s skills and capabilities and explain to her the do’s and don’ts of taking care of the baby. Working mothers should also incorporate backup plans in case the baby is sick or the babysitter is not available on a workday.

It is also important that mothers commit themselves to breastfeed before going to work or to pump milk between feedings on weekends, which can be used for extra breast milk while at work. More important, mothers should seek support from their partner, friends and loved ones, and share what is going in their life. Once in a while, mothers should also nurture themselves during their free hours.

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