Tips for Potty Training

Potty training is the procedure of instructing toddlers to distinguish the feeling of the need to go to toilet and to gain manipulation of bowel and urine movement up to the time he can reach the bathroom.

It is necessary to select the right time to potty train a toddler. It can start when he is starting preschool or with the coming of a new baby. The parents should give enough praise to the toddler whenever he utilises the potty. The child must wear dresses with leggings or trousers that are easy to pull down; elasticised waists are recommended. Trainer pants such as disposable diapers that look like pants are prescribed for travels away from home, but could cause confusion in the child for in using them they could get used to diapers rather than using the potty.

The use of the potty should give the child a pleasurable experience. The caregiver should remain calm even though the toddler has created disorderliness while using the potty. Accidents might frustrate or bring anxiety to the child. The brighter side is that a child can forget easily. However, if the accidents make the caregiver annoyed, train the child for one to two weeks then return to diapers.

Moreover, boys should be taught how to sit down in the potty at first, and they will just learn to stand up later. If possible, a book, chart, or video that gives more details with potty training would be helpful for the caregiver and the child as well.

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