Tips for Working Mothers to Help Reduce Stress

Working mothers face a lot of stress because of trying to balancing their time between their career and their family. There are ways to handle stress, reduce tension, and find peace in both aspects of your life.

The first thing to do is to identify and list the things, activities, and factors that cause stress in your life. These can be simple things that trigger you to worry or that you dread doing. From your list, categorise the items from most stressful to least stressful, and evaluate and prioritise the items by level of importance.

You can also look for alternative solutions to help with some of these activities, such as hiring some help or delegating tasks to family members. Creativity helps a lot in resolving some of your problems, such as easy-to-prepare foods, and knowing when to say, “No” to commitments.

As a working mother, you cannot neglect your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Habits such as skipping meals or sleeping late might not be a source of stress, but they worsen existing ones. Nutritious foods remain the best for you, and should be matched with physical exercise. You also can reduce stress by talking about it with your family, friends, or mental health professionals. Sharing your feelings and hardships will lighten any suppressed emotions you might not even know exist. You also can try relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, or massage. It is also important to make time for yourself and take breaks from the things that stress you.