Tips on Writing a Novel for Beginners

Everyone has the ability to become a good novel writer if they only strive to be one. Actually, writing a novel is an easy and simple task, just like painting or cooking. The only thing that makes it difficult is the attitude of the writer towards writing. As a beginner, here are some suggestions to help you do the task and become a good novelist in the future.

The first thing you should do is to widen your imagination and explore different places you’ve never seen before. Let your mind create a series of brilliant ideas and write them on paper. You must remember that a good novel actually depends on how the writer puts his/her imagination into words. Then, formulate the idea or the theme of the novel by writing key events that could lead other events, such that you develop an overview of the flow of the story. Next, create several spontaneous ideas out of the theme of the story. Once you already have the theme, it is now easy to make related events out of it. You will find it easy to direct and analyze the story because it is now the story that inspires you to write the successive events.

Concentrate on the main series of events in the story; this will put you in a frame of mind sometimes called the “alpha state”, and then review what you have written. Do some final touch-ups and check the whole story again for grammar, spelling, correct usage of words, punctuation, and coherence, so that the final product will be as good as possible.

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