Top 10 Brad Pitt Action Films

Brad Pitt may be considered to be a Hollywood Pretty Boy, but that hasn’t stopped him from starring in his share of action films. Here are his top ten.

10. Troy
He looked great but the movie wasn’t that good, it basically flopped.

9. The Mexican
It was fun to see him as the silly, awkward man trying to get out of the game but finishing one last job.

8. Ocean’s Twelve
Not as good as the first but the scheming and intelligent traps set up were fun to watch.

7. Spy Game
With his older look alike, Robert Redford, these two made quite the team. It had a lot of fast paced action that made the film worthwhile.

6. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
A really long movie but a good Western at least.

5. Seven Years in Tibet
Another long movie only this one doesn’t feel as long. There is a lot of social and political commentary mixed in with the story and action which keep this one going.

4. Legends of the Fall
He could ride a horse well, cut wood, and shoot a gun like a regular cowboy. Not quite an action film per say but it was wonderful.

3. Ocean’s Eleven
The first instalment of the series and the best by far. They boys were great together pulling off all the schemes and chases.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Slick, sleek and killer. The perfect combination of guts, glory and sex appeal.

1. Fight Club
He was ripped, could put up a good fight and the fact he was just imaginary made it that much better.

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