Travelling With Birds

Whether due to emergency, having a vet’s appointment, or moving to a new house, eventually you will have to travel with your pet bird. Here are some tips on how to get your bird to and from the destination with as few ruffled feathers as possible.

Travel Carrier

You need to get a smaller version of your bird’s cage in order to act as a travel carrier. In emergency situations, some people have had to use dog carriers for larger birds like parrots. But many pet stores or pet bird supply websites will carry small travel cages. Some look like rucksacks. Some are collapsible for easy storage.

Avoid Dehydration

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to your pet bird during the trip is that they get dehydrated. Make sure juicy fruits and vegetables are in the travel carrier with your bird. The food can also act as toys. Also, travel with a spray bottle full of water in case your bird keeps tipping the water cup over.

Emergency Numbers

You should always keep your vet’s number and your home phone number with you at all times. If you can, tape the phone number to the travel carrier just in case you get separated. You should also carry a copy of your pet bird’s medical records in your car, just in case of emergency home evacuation.

Think Happy Thoughts

Pet birds seem to be mind readers in that if you are upset, they get upset. You need to breathe deeply, stay as calm as possible and act as if the trip is no big deal.

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