It may seem daunting applying for higher education courses. However, you should not worry as there is plenty of help at hand.

Although the application process can be different for all colleges and universities, it helps in all situations to plan way ahead and be prepared.   The main process for applications is through UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service).

When applying it is important to remember that most full time courses require that you apply by 10th January in the year that you finish college.  You should aim however to get your application in way ahead of the deadline (the earliest you can submit your application is the previous September). Although you may not have taken your final exams by this point, your college lecturers will provide predicted grades for your application.  Applications for entry in the year 2010 cost £19.00, although only £9.00 if applying for just one university.

Applications are made online, and you will need to register with UCAS to do so.  This can be done at http://www.ucas.com.  You will find that there are seven different sections to the application form.  Take your time when completing them, and then get someone else to read over what you have written, as they may spot mistakes that you haven’t.  Pay particular attention to your personal statement, as this is where you are given the opportunity to really sell yourself.  Try not to over exaggerate things, be honest about your achievements and remember to include all relevant information.  

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