Vocational Training – Construction

On offer at some schools are vocational qualifications. These can be chosen instead of more academic GCSEs, and may suit you better if you find learning in a practical way better than learning in a theory based way. Construction is a recognised vocational training course, but not all schools offer all vocational courses as it wouldn’t practical. Vocational courses normally need the support of a local college that has such a course on offer already at a higher level, and therefore have the set up and equipment needed already to hand.

Construction is an excellent choice for those wanting to get into any practical sector. Carpentry, for example, may not be on offer, but construction would be a good alternative, as you will still learn valuable practical skills. The construction trade seems to have survived the financial crisis, and being qualified in this area will mean you are almost always guaranteed work. This course will normal leave you with a BTEC or NVQ level qualification at a lower level which you can then build on once you leave school at 16.

You will learn skills such as brick laying, timber construction and other skills needed in building construction. Some colleges will also get you spending time on a real building site so you can gain some valuable real life experience; you will certainly have to test your practical skills in the college building site set up. This course will definitely require you to wear a hard hat and steel toe cap boots!

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