What Wedding Cake Traditions Are There?

Weddings consist of many traditions. The wedding cake tradition originates in the western world; although variations of cake and desserts at weddings appear at ceremonies the world over. Here are some of the most common wedding cake traditions.

The traditional wedding cake ceremony is one that is performed at almost every wedding in most parts of Europe and the US. The bride and groom will cut the wedding cake together. This is the first task that the husband and wife perform together as a married couple, and is a symbol of their unity. Once the first slice of wedding cake has been cut, the bride and groom will then feed it to one another; this is believed to represent the couple taking care of one another.

Most couples save a portion of their wedding cake. It usually comes from the top layer, but will be whatever is left after the guests have been served. Traditionally this will be kept for the couple to eat on their first wedding anniversary. Eating the wedding cake is said to bring the couple good luck in their marriage, and will be a reminder of the wedding day.

Wedding cake was also known as bride’s cake. For this reason, wedding cake is traditionally white, as white is representative of the bride’s purity. However, in more recent times this tradition has changed, and many couples opt for wedding cakes in other colours; although white is still a popular choice.

These are just a few of the common wedding cake traditions, which show that a wedding cake represents much more than something nice to eat.

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