Wedding Flowers for Your Hair

You are making the final preparations for your wedding day; you have chosen your gown and designed your bouquet. You have even selected the centrepieces and decorations for both the church and the reception hall. But, what are you to do about your hair, This is the ideal place for a bit more impact. Using flowers in your hair can be a beautiful and classy way to make a big entrance.

There are several classic styles for arranging hair for a wedding. The most common is some sort of up-do. This can include a classic bun or French twist. These types of hair styles are ideal for enhancing with flowers. Commonly used blooms include roses, daisies and other sturdy flowers. Small sprays are also very lovely showcased on an opulent arrangement of hair. Since the bride’s hair is often arranged directly before the ceremony, the flowers can be kept fresh and tucked into the hair do immediately before the festivities begin.

Of course, flowers are a classic addition to the traditional bridal veil. They are often placed around the top of the veil in an almost bouquet like arrangement. It is also quite common to have smaller flowers sewn onto the bottom on the bride’s veil. This not only provides a bit of weight, but also a decorative effect.

Today, more and more brides are opting to wear a tiara. These jewelled headpieces are absolutely breathtaking. If you decide to add flowers to your hair do when wearing a tiara, make sure that the entire picture stays balanced. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to choose small blooms that won’t compete for attention. It’s also a good idea to place them more towards the back of the head.

Flowers enhance the wedding in the décor and the bouquets. By selecting carefully, they can also be a lovely addition to your hair.

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