What are the best call recording software providers?

In the modern world it is very pertinent to ask, what are the best call recording software providers? This is because call recording software is a vitally important tool for both personal and business users. It allows for evidence to be collecting to either stop someone from causing you distress or to protect your business interests. We’re going to focus on business providers here. So, with that being said, what are the best call recording software providers?

Oreka TR

Oreka TR offer a bespoke solution for any size business, from a sole trader to huge companies like Ikea. They offer plans that allow for a small user base up to thousands of users, this is what makes them so versatile and able to provide for a wide range of business sizes. In terms of software Oreka TR allow for call recording as well as the ability to search through recordings. This is vital for a business as it allows for a specific date and time to be found with just a few key presses.

They also offer a lower price than a lot of their competitors, in fact they claim they are up to 50% cheaper! Their customer support is some of the best around and they promise to have their call recording software installed in your business within 30 minutes. The only real negative is that the GUI is not as user friendly as it could be. Just like anything though, once you are used to it, it offers no real problems.

VSLogger Call Recorder

VSLogger is a call recording software solution that offers a huge range of features to users. They allow for a range of business sizes, going from four to over 1,000 phones being able to be connected. It can record almost any type of call, it can even connect to a PC to provide call recording software for a business that does not use a traditional phone line. There is also a search function available to allow users to find any recording they may need.

One of the best features of VSLogger is that it is not subscription based. It has a one-time cost associated with it and once it is bought, it is owned for life. They also allow for scaled down kits or full software solutions. It really does attempt to cover every base with what someone might need for their call recording software.

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