What Are the Best Hairstyles Ideas for Round Face Shapes

Having a round face is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because your face’s width and length are almost the same. It is a curse because your hairline is round and your face is wide at the centre, making your face look like a puffy cake. Can you imagine having a face like that if you wear the wrong hairstyle, So, think again. Here are some “do’s and don’ts” in picking a hairdo.

Pick a hairstyle that slims and lengthens the outline of your face. Add height to your head’s crown and keep your hair sides close to the face so it creates an impression of an elongated face.

Avoid bob cuts or any chin length haircut. Try longer hairstyles that have a centre part with wavy ends. Do not pull your hair at the back if the hairstyle emphasises a flat top.

Bangs that are side-swept are fine but short bangs are definitely not flattering because they accentuate your face’s roundness. Having a side part and layered haircut removes fullness to the sides of the face.

Never try to curl your hair. Curls may only add to the volume of your face. Big hair or fluffy hair can even make your face look bigger. If you have naturally curly hair, at least keep it all one length.

Choosing face framing haircuts reduces the roundness of your face. Also ask for a hairstylist’s assistance in choosing your hairdo.

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