What are the best mold removal techniques?

Mold is one of the scourges of modern life. Once it appears it can cause a whole host of issues from minor ones like looking bad to destroying your property and even respiratory issues. So, once mold appears, what are the best ways to carry out mold removal?

First steps

The first step should always be to change into old clothes. The last thing you want is to get mold and dirt all over your best clothes. Secondly, you should cover your face. Because mold is a spore it means it is transferred via the air. Covering your face means that you are unlikely to ingest it and it stops any potential allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

Once you are fully prepared it is time to check over the area. If the mold is too far gone then your best bet is to call in a specialist to deal with it. No-one wants to have to deal with rotten foundations and a mold infestation without the correct training. In order to maintain your health, mold removal is vital.

Removing the mold

Once you have identified the area to be cleaned you will need to stop the mold spores from getting into the air. In order to do this you will need to moisten them without touching them. A spray bottle is a good way to do this. Once that is done you can begin carrying out the mold removal.

Use a mold remover that has a bleach base. Either a ready mixed one or one you will need to mix yourself. If you need to mix it yourself make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. Apply the mold remover to the infected area and gently scrub it in using a soft brush. You do not want to use a hard brush because it could damage the area.

Once the mold has visibly disappeared leave the area to dry. Do not dry it with towels or paper, just allow it to air dry. This will allow it to soak into the area and help to stop mold coming back in the future. Once it has dried set a dehumidifier in the room for at least two days to make sure that any dampness that can help the spread of mold has gone.

Once you have done this check for any signs of mold, either sight or smell. If there are no signs you can get your room back to how it was, if there are signs then carry out the steps to remove the mold until all signs have gone. Once you have done this your mold problem should be solved.

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