What is the Solution for Hair Loss?

These days there are plenty of treatment options for hair loss, including medication, surgical procedures and herbal remedies. Although no treatment can claim to be 100% effective each has its benefits that a person should discover before making any decisions.

Wigs or hairpieces
Wigs, hairpieces and toupees are popular treatment options for hair loss, providing a fast and effective solution for anyone who’s concerned or embarrassed by their appearance. A wig can be cut and styled in any fashion, and will be made from real hair or synthetic strands. A person may also consider semi-permanent makeup or a realistic tattoo to mask bald patches or thinning hair.

Medication can sometimes be prescribed in cases of hair thinning and loss. Applied to the scalp as a mousse or gel, ingested, or administered as a steroid injection or cream these medications must only be considered following appropriate consultation and investigation. Immunotherapy may also be offered.

Natural remedies
For anyone concerned about chemicals and cosmetic procedures there are a number of natural remedies that are known to treat hair loss and stimulate regrowth, as well as improving the health of scalp and locks. These include scalp massages, castor oil, rosemary, coconut milk, and a diet that’s rich in protein and vitamins. Since natural remedies are cheaper, and usually less invasive than surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments they are a popular first choice for those affected by hair loss.

Surgery or transplant
A hair transplant normally involves the implantation of healthy hair cells into thinning patches, or the addition of artificial hair. Sometimes referred to as hair plugs, these procedures tend to produce the longest lasting results. Scalp reduction surgery takes healthy patches of hair and scalp, and stretches them across the head. There are always risks attached to any surgical procedure.

Treatment or cure for an illness
In some cases hair thinning and loss are caused by a medical condition, or occur as a result of certain prescription drugs. In these cases diagnosis and appropriate treatment would form an essential part of tackling the hair loss. In some circumstances hair will begin to grow back by itself in time. In others, treatment of the condition may be used in combination with any of the remedies listed above.

Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. In many cases it can be treated, although no single option can claim to be 100% effective. The remedies used to treat hair loss can vary in success from person to person, and so treatment options should always be explored thoroughly.

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