What is a Dissertation,

If you have chosen to undertake an undergraduate degree the chances are you will be expected to complete a dissertation.

A dissertation is a final piece of work towards your degree. A degree is made up of different units of work, and each of these units are equal to a certain number of credits. The dissertation will usually be worth a significantly higher number of credits – and therefore it is valuable towards the overall mark of your degree.

The length of the dissertation can vary depending upon the course and university. Most are usually between 10,000 and 20,000 words. Do not let this put you off however. With good preparation you will find yourself not only reaching the word limit, but trying to fit in all that information that you have researched.

If you are studying an academic degree, the course will usually include a unit that is solely centred on providing you with assistance on writing your dissertation. Make sure you attend these as you will learn invaluable information about how to structure your work, what information to include, and where to find the information. You will also usually be assigned a dissertation tutor. The tutor will be your supervisor throughout writing your dissertation, and will arrange regular meetings to discuss your work. Attendance of these meetings is imperative as you will receive important guidance as your work is progressing. Not only this, your supervisor will usually be the person who marks the work (before it is sent off to an external marker), so you should listen to what they have to suggest.

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