What makes a good script,

A script delineates every visual, aural, lingual, and behavioural element needed in telling a story. It is also intended to summarise the usual elements using screenplay writing.

A script is considered a good one if it anticipates and responds to the present and future needs of its users. In making a script for a movie, it must be able to captivate the viewers and capture their emotions. Audiences are not just there to watch the film or the actors playing their roles; they also want a beautiful and passionate flow of story. The flow of the script may pertain to something personal like romance, or something socially relevant like a movie about patriotism. But as the story continues, it should become more powerful and catchy so that the viewers will not get bored in watching the film.

A conflict is always a part of the movie. It could be emotional or physical. It is something that either the hero or the villain of the story must surpass to achieve their goals. It will make your story more attractive. You can also include in your script something that could be remembered by the viewers, like “catchwords” or famous lines coming from the characters.

In the field of screenwriting, the script that you are writing should conform to the standards and must be understood by all parties involved. It must have a specific layout or format, notation, margins, and other set ups needed.

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