What you should be aiming for in a stag party.

Stag parties are very much an institution and the better ones will go down in the history among your circle of friends. As the best man getting the stag party right is a bigger responsibility than a good speech at the wedding so you must ensure that, whatever stag party you organise, it will be nothing less than amazing.

If your stag party is abroad then this job gets a little easier as whether it is an alcohol-fuelled event, wandering in and out of one bar and another, the exoticness of being in another country will be the novelty. If, however, your stag party is a home affair, then you will have to ensure that everything is as good as it can be so that you have the best stag party in the history of stag parties.

Therefore, getting the activity right, the theme right and the location becomes that little bit more important. Your friends are depending on you to get this right and not to let them down. Always talk to the groom and find out what his ideas are and what the invitees would be willing to do.

So before you even dream of writing that speech, get your priorities right and get the stag night rocking and rolling. Remember, there is no excuse for a bad stag night and as it is just you and your friends, what can go wrong, So make a stag party not just good, but legendary.

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