What’s the cheapest you can get full mouth dental implants for?

When you look up the cost of dental implants, what you will see most often is the cost of getting single teeth replaced. Scaling up from this to work out what it might cost for full mouth implants can produce some intimidating figures. Don’t panic! the situation isn’t as bad as it looks. There are various ways to access the treatment you need at a more reasonable cost.

Do it all at once

When you’re struggling to raise money it can be tempting to replace just one or two teeth at a time so that you gradually recover your past appearance. In the end, however, this will cost you a lot more than if you get everything done at once. When you have lots of separate surgeries, you’re paying for the dental surgeon’s time over and over again, as well as the assistants’ wages and the cost of equipment, anesthetic and sedation.

When you get full mouth dental implants, you can make a considerable saving. If you are gradually losing your teeth, this may mean getting a couple pulled when they could have lasted a little longer, which is an upsetting thing to do but it is worth it. Your dentist will be able to work right along your jawline, adding implants at intervals to support the row of new teeth rather than having to add one implant per tooth. That means less work overall, further reducing the cost. It’s also a lot less uncomfortable for you.

As a rule, getting all your teeth replaced at once costs about half as much as getting them all replaced individually.

Do it abroad

If you travel to South America you’ll find that the cost of dental implants is much lower in some countries – sometimes as little as a third of what it costs in the US. The trade-off is that you can’t guarantee receiving the same standard of care, so you’ll have to do your research carefully to make sure you choose a clinic with a good reputation. The real reason why costs are lower in these countries is not that practitioners are less qualified but simply that wages are lower overall, and the cost of equipment and materials is also less.

If you travel to get your implants fitted, you’ll need to factor in the cost of the trip. It’s a good idea to book accommodation for a few days so that if there are any complications you can get follow-up treatment as soon as possible at the same low prices.

Pay up front

If you’re really struggling to finance your dental implants, taking out an instalment plan with your dentist can be tempting. Despite comparatively generous terms at many clinics, however, these do result in you paying more overall. If you can get the money upfront without having to take out a loan, the total cost will be lower – sometimes, in the case of full mouth implants, several hundred dollars lower.

Spending on dental implants is a big decision, but if you decide to go ahead with it, don’t let financial concerns stop you enjoying your life-changing new teeth.

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