When Parents Disagree With Your Relationship

Often, parents and teenagers do not see eye-to-eye regarding the best people with whom you should have a relationship. In fact, it is common for teenagers to choose to hide their relationships from their parents in a bid to avoid disapproval. Others may choose to flaunt their new love, knowing that their parents will disapprove.

If your motivation for being in the relationship is to drive your parents round the bend then this is unfair on everyone concerned. It is necessary to be honest with yourself regarding your reasons for dating this person. Remember, it is not fair to use someone just to make your parents mad.

Another point you will need to consider is whether the relationship is really worth the drama it may be causing at home. This is not to say that every decision that you make has to make your parents happy but it is wise to pick your battles. If you feel really strongly for this person then it can be a different matter entirely.

Speak to your parents to find out what their concerns are. They may have a valid reason; however, it is important to recognise that parents are not always right. They may have different values and beliefs from you, which have lead them to disagree with your relationship based on religion, racism, homophobia or outdated social beliefs. You may find it difficult to change these attitudes but it is important that you also stay strong in your own beliefs. Often times you can find a way to work through it.

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