Where To Find A Dog

The most common places to find a dog in the US are the Department of Animal Control (Animal Shelter), Breeder Rescue Groups, Breeders, Newspaper ads, or Pet Stores. The Animal Shelter, Humane Society, Newspaper and Pet Stores may carry both mix-breeds and purebred dogs. The RSPCA in the UK also has hundreds of dogs each year to re-home. There is usually a small fee associated with all of them.

Dogs that are adopted are usually spayed or neutered before you take them home and there is usually some sort of interview process to make sure you are a suitable owner. The fee associated with adopting a dog is usually associated with the medical care that was provided to the dog during time it was in custody before you adopted it ( HYPERLINK “http://www.loveyourdog.com” http://www.loveyourdog.com).

The Animal Shelter assesses both health and temperament of all dogs when they arrive at the shelter. Adoption counsellors are usually available to assist potential owners in making the appropriate dog selection and may offer some follow-up assistance ( HYPERLINK “http://www.hsus.org” http://www.hsus.org). Like animal shelters, Breed Rescue Groups usually care for abandoned/homeless dogs. The difference is that they cater to a particular type of breed (Greyhounds, Grate Danes, etc.). In both instances dogs are assessed upon arrival and usually receive some type of remedial training before they are adopted.

Breeders raise purebred puppies for sale. According to petwebsite.com a reputable breeder is the best place to buy a dog. Breeders usually offer some sort of guarantee when you purchase the dog. Be careful not to mistake a “puppy farm or puppy mills” for a breeder. “Puppy Farms” usually mass breed dogs and don’t take good care of their dogs as they should, which generally leads to unhealthy dogs.

Newspapers and websites often list all sorts of dogs for sale. If you choose to use this source beware and make an effort to visit the facility where the dogs are raised before purchasing. The ability to view both parents is also important as it can give you an insight into the possible temperament and look of your puppy as well as the conditions in which the dogs are kept.

Pet Stores may have dogs for adoption or for sale. The dogs they carry for sale are usually from breeders and are more expensive, but there is less of a guarantee on their health. In addition, many pet stores buy their puppies from puppy farms. If purchasing from a pet store be sure to understand their pet policies and take a good hard look at how the animals are housed.