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Which cable TV network has the best value watch online/streaming service?

These days, users are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding where to watch cable TV online. The online cable TV market is becoming increasingly more crowded, and users may find it difficult to settle upon a provider. With a myriad of options on offer, each with their own positives and negatives, the following short article should help you decide from amongst the most popular streaming websites.


First on the list of the best value streaming services, and one of the oldest players in the market, is Netflix. Netflix is very much the standard-bearer when it comes to watching cable TV online, and the service hosts one of the most impressive selections of content out there. The catalogue is updated each month with a host of both original and older content. In recent years, Netflix has been heavily investing in its original content, and Netflix originals are some of the most innovative, boundary pushing TV shows currently produced. The top of the line premium plans cost up to $15.99 per month which includes multiple profiles and streaming across devices. More budget friendly options start at $8.99 although this is quite limited and doesn’t offer 4k streaming. Also noteworthy is the excellent offline download option, which allows you to pre-download up to 100 titles for a period of 7 days.


Hulu presents one of the most competitive packages for recent cord cutters. Hulu provides users with a range of high quality streaming options and offers a massive library of both classic TV shows and original content. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu also offers a robust live TV option which makes it particularly attractive for former cable TV subscribers. The basic account option currently sets users back $7.99 per month, although this does contain limited amounts of advertising on live TV. Users can upgrade to an $11.99 plan to do away with most of the ads. The premium options include a $39.99 per month option which has no adds and includes a greatly increased live TV catalogue packed full of sports and news channels.

Amazon Prime

Although originally starting as a premium account option providing free next day shipping on all Amazon purchases, Amazon Prime now also includes a substantial catalogue of on-demand video content. An Amazon video subscription can be purchased separately for $8.99 per month or comes as standard as part of the $12.99 per month fee for Amazon Prime. In terms of the catalogue itself, the options are somewhat more limited, although new titles are being added each month. In particular, Amazon has been heavily investing in their original video content which has generally been of a very high quality. Amazon Prime makes the most sense for users who aren’t too worried about having access to the most content possible, particularly in light of all the extras Prime membership brings, such as music streaming, free shipping on Amazon purchases, and cloud storage (amongst other benefits). This makes Amazon one of the best overall value for money options out there.