Working As a Contract Nurse in the UK

As a trained and experienced nurse, you can travel in the UK and support yourself at the same time. If you are a licensed nurse, registered in your home country and have one or more years experience, you possess transferable skills that are badly needed in the UK. There is a great demand due to a serious shortage of specialised nurses.

There is a shortage of nurses in every specialty, so you can choose to work in primary care, paediatric, surgical or any other areas that you may specialise in. You can work full time, part time or even just once in a while. You can expect many benefits in addition to those you may already receive.

You can form a limited liability company, hire yourself and pay minimal income tax or you might choose to work for one of many nursing agencies, which pay on a day-by-day basis. You may not receive holiday pay or sick leave, but you will have control over your time and choose the jobs you want. Due to the shortage of nurses, it is rare for a contract nurse to be without work in the UK.

Join more than fifteen thousand other qualified nurses who have found working in the UK, a challenging and fulfilling experience. Choose private hospitals, London clinics, private home care or any of hundreds of nursing jobs. Among contract jobs in the UK are general nursing/adults, nursing the aged, mental health, learning disabilities and children’s nursing. For more information visit HYPERLINK “”

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