Writing a Novel: Points on Plotting

Writing a novel is never easy, although there are ways to make the work light and efficient. The secret to making an effective novel is to make an effective plot. Plot is one of the most important devices in building and forming a story; without a good plot, the story loses its meaning.

One thing to be considered in making a story is linking events to create a unity of plot. In order to assist the reader to follow events easily, it is necessary to present the underlying theme of the whole story so that the reader has an insight into what might happen at the end of the story. In addition, it is effective to give special attention to and focus on the main character. In this manner, the reader will not lose track of the story during the turn of events. Another recommendation is to reveal the agendas of every character. Agendas are what drive people to do certain things. In other words, they’re what motivate them to act. After the agendas are established, don’t forget that it must correlate to the general plot of the story.

A story has a beginning; this should also be the case with the plot. As the story starts, make sure that the plot is already constructed so it may serve as a foundation. As the story develops, it is desirable to make little forecasts and predictions regarding some elements. This way, twist and turns will transpire that will give additional flavour to the story. Lastly, always check where you are. Remember that consistency is important.

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