Writing Dialogue

Dialogues play a very significant role in the flow of a story. A good dialogue is an important factor that a writer should consider in writing any story.

The writer should know both the dos and don’ts in writing a dialogue in order to give an interesting flow to his writings. The first thing to consider is the use of correct grammar in writing. A writer can never show the real feelings of the characters to the reader unless he chooses the appropriate words and constructs proper sentences to show his ideas. A dialogue is enclosed within quotation marks to let its readers know that a specific character is speaking. The dialogue also needs to be clearly written. It should show how the character feels and the way the character utters it. Avoid making very long dialogues as it can spoil the reader’s enthusiasm while reading. In addition, dialogues should inform the reader about the character who is speaking as well as the character’s actions and gestures, just like watching a real scene in a visual way. Every character’s dialogue depends largely on the character itself, including the way the characters talk. It visibly shows the reader something about the character, such as how old the character may be and from where the character comes.

Writing anything with a dialogue is an excellent way of showing a very artistic means of creating an article. Through it, the reader will enjoy reading the article up to the very end.

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