Get Down Dog

The Get Down Dog pose involves arms reaching, hips lifting, and spine stretching, that create an energetic sensation throughout the body. This position enlivens one’s body – from the hips to the spine, to the fingers and toes, making one feel more vigorous. As people learn the nuances of this pose, they will find it more enjoyable.

This pose looks so easy and so beautiful to learn, but it is actually quite complex and its health benefits are far-reaching. It both stretches and strengthens one’s body and requires one to balance the effort in the arms, torso, and legs. With daily practise, one will love the sensation it gives.

The first step in the Get Down Dog pose is the bending of the knees. This should be performed by stretching the elbows and relaxing the upper back between the shoulder bones. This will make one feel that the arms are drawn into the shoulder bones. Then exhale, lift the knees, and draw the back toward the pelvis in order for the arms and the back to form one line.

In doing the “A” position, stretch the legs like there is someone at the back who is pulling the legs and the hips backwards from the top of the upper legs. When the back and legs are properly positioned, stretch out the arms, resulting in a stretch from two sides of the back: a stretch from the pelvis and a stretch from the arms.

It is advisable that when executing the Get Down Dog pose, one must stay focused, both mentally and physically, and continue to practise it to achieve its maximum benefits.

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