Yoga for Fertility

Yoga for fertility is a nice therapeutic form that provides a holistic link to your emotions, spirit, mind and body. To prepare the body for a successful pregnancy and conception, fertility yoga engages specific practises and postures that will help stimulate and tone the reproductive system. It will also improve the flow of energy and blood circulation throughout the body and the balance of the hormone levels. Thus, fertility yoga assists the hormonal levels of the body to improve function of the endocrine glands and reduces the stress levels, anxiety and depression caused by the preoccupation with fertility issues. The difference between this and other yoga for pregnancy is that it specifically concentrates on the reproductive health.

The chief emphasis of the fertility yoga is the advantages that it gained from its incorporating breath along with movement which helps achieve the right strength, balance and vitality for the hormonal and reproductive areas of the body.

Each yoga posture focuses on the different parts of the system and body. Some of the postures help to re-balance the glandular system, and others improve flow of the blood to other organs to strengthen and stimulate them.

Meditation has a huge role in yoga. The aim of it is to achieve a calm approach to life and to manage stress. Anyone who suffers from fertility problems knows stress is an obstacle if you are trying to conceive. When it is combined in the right way, yoga will not only treat infertility, but also the affects of stress on the emotions.

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