General Info, History, Goals, and Religion (Yoga as a Cure for Modern Day Stress)

The perception that Yoga is part of Hinduism and has religious, mystic elements, is slowly fading. Nowadays, people often experience physical and emotional stress. In order to establish balance in people’s lives, the need to find alternative ways to relieve physical and emotional instability is important. It is important to have an effective stress management approach to maintain a healthy living.

There are multiple reasons why Yoga is a cure for stress. Yoga meditation can help heighten concentration, allowing us to experience a calmness and tranquillity of mind. Deep breathing enhances the amount of oxygen reaching our brains and improves mental strength, helping our minds achieve a state of relaxation. When our mind is at peace, it functions very well. Yoga is a modern form of therapy to heal emotional turbulence. Additionally, many yoga positions reduce stress hormones which can lessen feelings of unease and depression. When physical stress affects the human body, yoga practise is the best way to achieve muscle relaxation. Yoga soothes the nerves and reduces pain caused by constant overuse. Many people embrace yoga practise as an excellent way to achieve stress-free and healthy living. Every day, stress levels affect the human body and one of the best means to handle this stress is to free the body, mind and soul from tension and pressure. In our busy modern-day lives, we sometimes neglect to take good care of our bodies and minds. It is essential that people always find time to rest and relax.

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