Yoga Equipment Online (Basic Equipment – Mats and Blankets)

Mats and blankets are the basic equipment that is used in yoga exercises. Several gyms and studios offer mats for yoga enthusiasts which are called yoga mats (also known as sticky mats). Yoga mats are usually slip-proof mats that are made from different materials such as cotton, latex, micro fibre, and rubber. Yoga mats also come in different colours, sizes, and thickness. Some yoga mats have built-in straps that provide easy carrying.

Yoga mats do not only provide you personal space in the area, but they also enable you to concentrate on your workout without slipping; floorboards become slippery when you sweat. Another advantage of a yoga mat is that it serves as a cushion against the hard floor. However, using yoga mats that are offered by gyms or studios also has some disadvantages: there are lots of people who have used those yoga mats. You do not know if the yoga mats are being washed or not.

Blankets are also commonly used equipment in yoga class. A blanket helps to prevent neck strain. It also serves as support in doing yoga poses. In many studios, they have available blankets that are used by students during yoga class. The blankets are used only as props in sitting and lying all through the yoga class. Students also used these blankets to cover their body if they feel cold during their final relaxation.

There are many yoga mats and blankets that are offered by manufacturers. Some of them are Deluxe Wool Yoga Blankets, Santosha Yoga Blankets, Fusion Harmony Mat, and ULTRA Classic Mat.

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