Yoga Poses and Workouts (Beginners’ Workout- Daily Stretch Sequence)

Yoga originates from traditional mental and physical disciplines that began in India. In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, yoga translated to the “union” which occurs between the spirit, body and mind. Yoga is more precisely described by the word “asana,” the practise of physical poses or postures. A beginners’ workout is composed of Pelvic Tilts, Cat – Cow Stretches, Downward Facing Dog, Mountain Pose, Raised Arms Pose and Corpse Pose.

Pelvic Tilts are performed to stretch the back, hips and hamstrings, all of which are common problem areas for people. The Cat – Cow Stretches are similar to the Pelvic Tilt, but it moves throughout the entire spine. Eventually, after practising these stretches over time, people will experience positive long-term effects.

While doing the Downward Facing Dog, the back is pressed. The legs are pedalled and the knees are bent alternately while each heel reaches towards the floor.

The Mountain Pose strengthens thighs, improves posture and can help relieve back pain. The Raised Arms Pose also strengthens thighs, improves posture and opens shoulders.

The Corpse Pose allows the body to absorb the advantages of the practise before going on with the day. It allows the body to have time to work on the information at the end of a class.

The above describes only a part of the beginners’ workout. Spending only a few minutes each day on some easy and difficult poses will help make a big difference to achieve confidence and increased flexibility and strength.

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