Yoga Practices (Styles of Modern Day Yoga)

Yoga is believed to be an ultimate form of exercise. It helps to build and maintain muscle tone as well as to control and steady conscious breathing, an important part of yoga exercise. The combination of muscle strength and controlled breathing while focusing on the proper position of the limbs and torso helps make a healthy mind and body.

There are many different types of yoga. Modern day yoga includes different styles, such as Anusara yoga (flowing with grace). Anusara classes are positive, fun and light-hearted. Anusara is fit for those who desire to work on both spiritual and physical well-being. Another is Bikram, or hot yoga. This is a sequence of poses performed in a heated room with a temperature of 95-100 degrees. A yoga session at temperatures like these will result in profuse sweating, freeing the body of toxins. Another is Jivamukti (liberation while leaving). Every class of Jivamukti has a theme that is explored through meditation, yoga scripture, asana (posture), pranayama (breath control), chanting and music. Jivamukti yoga appeals to those who desire a good workout. Another form of yoga is laughter yoga. This includes laughing, simple stretches and deep breathing. It appeals to those who want to reduce stress. Another is nude yoga, which emphasizes unencumbered practice without the confines of clothing. Last, power yoga does not follow a set of poses but instead puts emphasis on flexibility and strength.

After deciding to take yoga classes, a person needs to know his own personality, physical abilities, likes, dislikes and needs in order to identify an appropriate Yoga style.

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