Alopekis – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Alopekis is considered a working dog. It is a happy, energetic canine that always wants to help and can do various jobs on ranches and farms but can also be made a companion in a small home. This dog breed is very versatile.

The ability to be easily trained is an alluring factor as well as how athletic in nature it is. Besides these traits, the Alopekis is a loyal, intelligent and loving dog. They can adjust to almost any type of lifestyle assuming it has frequent walks if the home dwelling is small and as long as they get enough attention if the home dwelling is large.

The physical characteristics of the Alopekis are the noticeable opened nostrils, strong jaws, small body, and the uniquely shaped tail. The tail is usually held up high and has a dramatic curve. The coats of the Alopekis come in two different types. One is short hair and the other would is wiry. Even though the outer coat might be coarse, the underside is soft and both are smooth and silky.

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The coat of the Alopekis also comes in a variety of different colours and colour mixtures as well. The hair is easier to groom than a lot of other breeds so it is widely recommended for a household pet. The eye colour tends to blend or match the colour of the coat. Of course, there are a few colours that this breed’s eyes should never be, including: yellow, blue or a light or clear shade.

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