An Alternative Stag Weekend.

Stag weekends traditionally involve going to a city, enjoying an activity that you would not normally do, going to a bar and then a club and having a night that you will be telling your grandchildren about in the future. This is all well and good, but what about trying something a little different,

If your stag weekend is going to be in the summer months, have you ever thought about a music festival, Though the UK is home to some of the best festivals on the planet, there are some great ones to consider throughout Europe.

Music festivals have some great advantages to them. Not only is attending a live music event arguably the best night out you can have, but many festivals offer a great range of sounds rather than being limited to one genre. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the day and though you will not be able to shoot a paintball gun, you will still find something to do other than nurse that hangover.

Obviously, the downside is that there is no regional culture to experience or locals to talk to, but then you are going to see maybe twenty bands.

The music festival is not going to be for everyone, as sleeping in tents and the other hassles that come with it will be too much for some, but if you love music and can sleep under canvas, it will probably be hard to find a better way of enjoying a stag weekend.

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