Anti-platelets Drugs

The low dosage of Aspirin is considered as an anitplatelet medicine and minimizes the blood clotting which can happen. The dosage is given to the patients showing signs of a heart attack, stroke, or any artery bypass graft operation. The patients with high cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking or diabetic history may also be recommended the dosage. The treatment is quite good with the usage of aspirin and at times, higher dosage may be recommended for some specific conditions. Children may also be given the drugs under supervision.

How it works

These types of medicine help the patient by reducing the chances of blood clot formation in the body. The cells in the body, of small size are known as platelets and they make blood clot. When in a situation of a cut, or a breakage in the blood vessel, the platelets may send out signals by producing a chemical which calls in other platelets for the blood to clot, in order to stop the blood flow outside. Dosage of Aspirins would reduce that in the blood and risk of clotting goes down.


The dosage has its own considerations and not given to people with peptic ulcer, bleeding disorders or allergy to aspirin. In any case, aspirin should not be given to ones under 16 until advised by a specialist. The dosage of aspirin, in low- dosage should be also considered with precaution for people with asthma, high blood pressure, any type of liver problem or kidney issues. The medicine is also not recommended for a long term usage and always a doctor be consulted before the usage. Breastfeeding mothers or pregnant ones can also take low dosage, but under supervision of a doctor.

Side effects

Small dosage of taking aspirin has some side effects. Some common side effects are a little nausea with indigestion problems and irritations in stomach or intestine. There could be some other side effects, which are less common like inflammation in stomach, bleeding or bruising in stomach, allergic reactions, vomiting and in some cases worsening of asthma. The drugs though do not interfere with your driving ability.


Aspirin has its own reaction and interaction when it comes to be taken with some other medicine. It should not be taken with the anti-inflammatory painkillers since it would increase bleeding chances in stomach. Also taken with Methotrexate, it can increase chances of body showing some serious side effects. The dosage mixed with SSRI antidepressant can also cause risk of bleeding.

Extra Dosage

In case people forget to take their regular dosage there are some general advices put in place. If the delay is less than 2 hours, then the patients can take the dosage as they realize and it does not make much difference. For patients, whom the delay has crossed over 2 hours, should go ahead for their dose, if the next dosage is not due in a few hours time. The chances of getting side effects increases as the time duration between two dosages is reduced and in general cases, one could read the general leaflet on the back of the medicine strip. The extra dosage, in a small amount should not be an issue but any dosage should be taken under supervision of a doctor.

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