Artificial insemination

There are lots of couples with whom, pregnancy does not come naturally and they are mainly having fertility issues. There are also few cases which are completely infertile and also situation where people would need help in conception, which is called as sub fertility. The main reason can be that the re-productivity system has not been functioning properly and would need treatment. Artificial insemination is the aid which helps for the same and lets the woman to conceive, when the sexual intercourse has not been able to connect them up. There are lots of techniques which fall under this and the purpose of all remains the same.

When should it be done

Artificial insemination is done when the woman is ovulating. This is a phenomenon when egg is released during the menstrual cycle which is also considered the most fertile time which is around 14 days before the periods set in. This can also be found out by vaginal discharge and also change in temperature. There are also tests like ultrasound, hormone tests, blood test, urine tests conducted to find out the best time for insemination. The artificial insemination is also performed in a menstrual cycle which is stimulated with the help of hormone drugs which stimulate the ovaries and releases eggs. The same procedure is used when the donor sperm is used and quite useful for single women or lesbian couples.

Why is it required

The biggest advantage is the way it helps people to have babies when they are unable to conceive and there are also lot of factors which get into the picture. For women, it is required if there are issues with Cervical mucus, or they have a mild edometriosis and also in a case where they have anatomical problems with the specific organs. For men, it is required if there are problems like, premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, the sperm count being low enough, impotence making an intercourse impossible or men wishing to freeze their sperm for future usage or any extreme situation like cancer treatment which may also make men infertile.

How is it performed

This is carried out closely to the release of eggs. The semen is injected into the top of vagina. This is carried out in different ways as per the problem type and extent. The most common procedures are intra-cervical insemination and intrauterine insemination. The first one is done by male partner producing semen samples and then the samples are preserved in the clinic. Then the insemination is carried out which is a short process and injected. IUI is a higher success rated process with sperms placed near to the fallopian tubes and even faster & painless.

The AI is a success in 5-30% cases and depends on the cause and type of problem.

Who can use it

It is used by the couples where this is a physical problem in the sperm to reach the correct place and then the method like AI helps to fill that gap.


There are few risks which are not common like chances of infections, or drugs’ malfunctioning is as less as 1%.

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