Australian Cattle Dog – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Australian Cattle Dog is also called a Queensland Heeler, Red Heeler and Blue Heeler. The name gives away the fact that it was originated in Australia. This particular dog was bred as a herd dog for driving cattle. Herding dogs are inherently active and can be mischievous if they do not get the proper exercise. Some of the more hyper Australian Cattle Dogs may need training.

The powerful structure of the Australian Cattle Dog does not display any sign of weakness. If the dog is heavy they are not as agile or quick as the lighter framed canines from this breed. The muscles are hard and toned. The Australian Cattle Dog coat commonly comes in two colours: blue and red. What makes this breed unique is the colouring. These dogs are not of solid colour; there will be evenly spread white and grey hairs blended with the darker shade. The Australian Cattle puppies are born white.

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The Australian Cattle Dog is highly energetic. This is why it is recommended to be a working dog. If the canine is not a worker, and is confined to being a companion or yard dog, they can get into some trouble. Exercise, sports, and outdoor recreational activities daily can keep them from behaving in a destructive manner. They are very loyal and will have respect for their owner. However, if other dogs or animals pose a threat or become aggressive toward the Australian Cattle Dog it will respond with aggression.

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