Bee Keeping Supplies And Equipment: The Smoker

bee keep hive

Beekeeping is both a hobby as well as lucrative business and doing it is relatively easy. There are many reasons why one is into bee keeping as a business or as a means of having a stable supply of bee products such as honey and the like. Amidst all these, one can also find bee keeping as a hard task, especially if it deals with the harm that bees bring to anyone. For this, all one should do is equip himself with the right devices necessary for him to be safe from bees. One of these devices is the smoker.

One of the defences available for any bee keeper is smoke. Most bee keepers have the smoker as their protection against the bees. The smoker is a device used in producing smoke basically from incomplete combustion of different fuels. Smokers help the bee keepers a lot in the sense that smoke calms the bees as it initiates a kind of feeding response on the part of the bees in anticipation of a possible of abandonment of the hive due to fire.

A smoker is proven an efficient protection for anyone against bees; but, for a bee swarm, its efficiency is highly disputed. This is because swarms are less defensive as they store no honey for defence before they attack humans. The smoker can be operated with the use of different types of fuel that are natural and safe. Such substances may include twine, pine needles, corrugated cardboard and others.

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