Can I set up call recording software for iPhone?

Recording your calls can be important for a number of reasons. You may have a stalker, or you may be in the process of collecting evidence against a company who are not behaving morally. You may run your business from your iPhone and need to comply with PCI regulations. Whatever your reasons, you will want to know if it is possible to set up call recording software on your iPhone. The short answer is, yes it most definitely is. Which option should you pick though?

Call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro is an iPhone call recording software app that has a wide range of features. It uses a three-way calling setup in order to record the calls. It then records them onto their server. This allows you to record a call without having to eat up your storage space on your iPhone. Because additional storage is not possible on iPhone it is important to have that option. While the app is free, there is a cost required to record calls as it uses their server space.

Because the calls are recorded on a per call basis with this call recording software, there is a cost for every call you use. This also means that you have to activate the call recording, so that you do not end up paying for every phone call you make. Once the call is recorded the call recording software gives you the option to move it to another storage location and even post it on social media if you want to.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a completely free service. While it may seem strange that Google offer this service to iPhones, they do and it is free so that is all that really matters. All you need to do is sign up to a Google Voice number and download the Google Voice app. Once you have done this you have a completely free call recording software solution on your iPhone. It also has quite a good range of features to go with its great price.

It allows for calls up to three hours long to be recorded at a time. Once the settings have been set up it is also very easy to record calls if you wish. You just have to answer by pressing the “1” key and then to start recording you press the “4” key. The call itself can be saved to your Google Drive so you do not even have to worry about your storage space being eaten up. In terms of cost, Google Voice is far and away the best iPhone call recording software choice.

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