Call recording software for cell phones

When it comes to recording phone calls on your cell phone there are a large number of options available these days. The ease with which apps are both created and installed onto cell phones has made call recording software both cheaper and more functional over the last five to ten years. So, what kind of functionality should you be looking for and which call recording software offers it?

Automatic call recording

If you are being harassed or if you run a business the last thing that you want to be doing is having to manually set a call to be recorded every time one comes through. That is why automatic call recording is a vital function for your call recording software. It takes away the possibility of forgetting to activate the call recording as well as lowering the amount of time it takes to set up each call. In the case of harassment, it also ensures there is no danger of surprise stopping it from being activated.

The various different versions of call recording software that allow this on cell phones vary. Some only offer it on premium versions of their call recording software and some allow it on all of their versions. One of the best free call recording software apps that is available is Smart Auto Call Recorder. It records all calls automatically and allows you to transfer the calls you want to keep to any storage media you like. There is also an auto delete feature after a set amount of time, so storage is not a problem.

An exception list

While recording all calls is definitely one of the main features that most people want enabled, the ability to set an exception list is also important. For a business and for personal use there are certain calls that you would not want recorded. So, if your call recording software records internal calls or phone calls to your mother, you may want to set an exception to stop that from happening.

Just like with automatic recording of calls, there are a range of free and premium call recording software apps out there that can set exceptions. One of the highest rated call recording software apps is Total Call Recorder. It offers the ability to set exceptions as well as allowing for recorded calls to be sent to cloud storage. This means that users will be able to manage who is recorded by their call recording software without having to worry about missing out on important calls.

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