Chien Francais Blanc et Orange – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Chien Francais Blanc et Orange originated in France. They belong to the scenthound category. This breed is typically a pack hunter, which means that they can get along well with other dogs. The large breed has old roots, and their skills are evidence of this fact.

The Chien Francais Blanc et Orange is one canine that needs a pack to hunt. There are many dogs that can hunt in a pack or by themselves. This is not one of those breeds. They need that bond and social connection to other dogs to hunt effectively and happily. The human owner is always in charge as this dog does designate one of its own to direct the pack.

The body is fairly lean. However, this does not take away from the powerful or commanding presence of the dog. They have defined muscles, and the structure is strong and sturdy. Many of the most visible traits are long legs, domed head, and long ears that drop down. The skin of the Chien Francais Blanc et Orange is generally the same as the fur. The only colours of this canine are white and orange as their name indicates.

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This type of dog needs a lot of exercise and it should be in the form of hunting. They are truly happy as a hunter rather than a pet and companion. The Chien Francais Blanc et Orange has a good temper but depends on that bond with its human owner.

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