Chinese Chongqing Dog – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Chinese Chongqing Dog is considered a rare breed. It originated in the Chongqing province of China as its name indicates. They are an ancient breed that has existed more than two thousand years. This breed was primarily used for hunting purposes. It excelled in hunting a vast array of animals from rabbits to wild boar. The inherent hunting skills made this an excellent dog that needed little direction from humans.

This medium sized dog has a unique description. The fur coat of the Chinese Chongqing Dog is actually quite thin. The colour is a deep mahogany shade. Their ears are long and erect on top of the head. This breed tends to display their gender in physical form. This means that the males tend to by well muscled and masculine while the female are feminine and elegant and tend to be leaner.

The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a very alert and focused dog with an intense propensity toward protection. The fearless and powerful canine has been used for protective reasons. They are gentle around children and are devoted to their owner and family.

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It should be noted that the Chinese Chongqing Dog needs plenty of exercise daily. They can be excellent companions that can live in small homes such as apartments. However, this is true only if they have vigorous exercise daily. This is the only way this breed can be content. They are a natural hunter, should be on a leash and controlled continuously when out in public.

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