Eco-Friendly Appliances: Promoting a Cleaner Environment and Easy Lifestyle

In today’s modern world, manufacturers aim to produce the greatest, latest, and greenest household appliances that are capable of multi-tasking and are exclusively designed for energy conservation.

Energy conservation agencies and environmental organisations are becoming firmer in their energy efficiency specifications and putting more pressure on manufacturers. Their objective is to inform the public as to how to reduce their consumption of household energy. Even MTV’s ‘Real World’, a reality TV show, showcased in their latest season several eco-friendly technological innovations that are beneficial to all households.

Some of these household technological innovations include the S400 Washlet. Through the use of a remote control, one can activate a warm stream of fizzy water to clean up and the three-temperature air dryer that will prevent the need for toilet paper. This is an intuitive toilet that has an automatic lid when one walks in. The world’s first ever detergent-less washing device, the Haier WasH2O washing machine, was also invented. Two students of University of Quebec also designed a wall-mounted ecological friendly dishwasher. Since using a dishwasher consumes less water than washing by hand, these student inventors improved the devise by using an air dry on the shelf that saves a large amount of energy normally consumed by a regular dishwasher.

These eco-friendly appliances were particularly created to make one’s life a lot easier, and, at the same time, keep the environment fresh and clean.

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