Edinburgh Could be the Place for a Stag Weekend.

The capital of Scotland offers a great location for a stag weekend, especially if you are planning to use a theme. The city, which is steeped in history, has a unique picturesque quality that lends itself to the wearing of kilts and painting half of your face blue.

The city is famed for its great collection of pubs, restaurants and clubs and has a thriving comedy circuit, thanks to the annual Edinburgh festival, which has become a world famous artistic and cultural event. The city is home to several distilleries, all of which offer tours and tastings, so you can see how the world famous drink of whiskey is made and indeed tastes.

As with all great cities, there is a vast range of activities to choose from, which cater for all tastes. Go-karting, shooting, football, paintball, are all available and no doubt off-roading in a kilt makes it more fun.

Edinburgh is quite easy to get to by road, rail or air. The journey takes you through some fantastic scenery and no one can dispute the beauty and impressiveness of the Forth road and rail bridges.

The great thing about Scotland and Edinburgh in particular, is that not only does it have everything you could possibly want for a stag party or weekend, but it is also in an extremely beautiful part of the world. That is something you do not find very often and which, alone, could make the city the place to go to for your stag party weekend.

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