Equipment in Bird watching

Bird watching or birding is the examination and investigation of birds using the naked eyes or by means of a visual improvement apparatus like binoculars. The majority of birdwatchers practise this activity chiefly for leisure or social reasons.

There are various pieces of equipment used in bird watching, and some of the commonly used items include binoculars, a spotting scope, and field guide. Binoculars or binocular telescopes (also referred to as field glasses), are two indistinguishable or mirror symmetrical telescopes assembled side by side and paralleled to point precisely at the same target, letting the watcher utilise both eyes when watching distant things. Most binoculars are hand held sized. On the other hand, a spotting scope is a convenient telescope, optimised for watching and observing terrestrial things. The enlargement of a spotting scope is commonly or order of 20X to 60X. A spotting scope also features rubber armoured or rugged design, convenient assembling for fastening to a tripod, an ergonomically projected and located knob for centre control, attached elastomeric lens cap, and a variety of oculars to offer diverse magnifications, or a changeable zoom eyepiece. Lastly, a field guide is a book aimed to aid the reader in distinguishing wildlife or other things of natural occurrence. It is usually intended to be brought into the local area or field where such things exist to assist in identifying similar objects.

There are approximately 10, 000 species of birds and only few people have seen over 7000. Most birders have spent their lives attempting to observe all the species of birds in the whole world.

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