Tips on How to Avoid Misidentifying Birds

Identifying different types of birds is difficult, even to professional birders. For beginners, here are some tips to avoid misidentifying birds:

Carefully study many species of birds. You can begin by studying the tips of the beak and noting the colours, sizes, shapes and plumage of certain species of birds. You must also note the bird’s behaviour, food source and habitat. New birders should avoid using a field guide for as long as possible.

All birders must have their most important tool. They are called binoculars. Binoculars, specifically the telescopic type, will let you identify all the details of the birds no matter how far away the bird is. This means that birders might need a scope when observing birds, even though they are very far away. They will be able to see and observe all the bird features without disturbing their habitat.

You should also be wary of using the plumage as your basis for identifying the bird. Plumage is likely the bird’s most distinctive feature, but if you did not pay attention to other features such as the colour and shape of the bill, leg colour, eye rings, behaviour, and vocalisations, you might misidentify the bird. You should also note the female and immature plumage so as not to be confused in identifying the birds that have similar features.

Although it is a difficult task, learning to identify birds is also fun. By learning from experienced birders, you will learn to be a good birder.

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